Saturday, August 10, 2013

An Overview about Donald Ray Bernard

Donald Ray Bernard is an extremely popular name in the business industry. It is not only because he is the co-owner of two very common business enterprises but it is also because he has achieved a lot of success in his professional career otherwise. He is the controller as well as the president of two very notable firms in Texas. He is a very educated person and has received his J.D from the University of Texas after which he has practiced law for many years before entering into the business industry.
Bernard was the Briefing Attorney with the Texas Supreme Court in Austin. He has also served as the Assistant attorney general again with the state of Texas. He could achieve this post because he has worked as the Briefing Attorney before. After working with the state for many years, He then decided to shift to non-public practice in the year 1960 and for 20 years that is from 1960 to the year 1980 he worked as a partner in the company Bernard and Bernard. After working with this private firm for many years he practiced Solo for a term of 14 years. In the year 1988 he was also selected for the world’s very first bar conference between the US and USSR.

The two co-owned companies of Donald R Bernard have also been doing quite good and have been earning good revenues. One of his ventures is located in the Southern Patagonia Region and which is popularly named as the Estancia Laguna Verde. This place is most famous for its rainbow trout fish which is also smoked here and sold to the local market in Buenos Aires. Another venture which is located in La Pampa is known as Golden stag safaris and it is basically a ranch which attracts many global sport enthusiasts.